For those who thirst for fresh country air over the teeming hustle of city life, there is a nearby happy alternative to congestion and screeching traffic. Under three hours and a hundred and fifty miles from the city's noise and clamor, privacy and seclusion reign. Forget the crowded Hamptons andf Jersey Shore - come North!
Here lies the real Jewels of the Catskills: Delaware and Greene County - set in the western slopes of the Catskill Mountains is a land of wooded hills and fertile green valleys, over 700 miles of fishing streams, covered bridges, stone fences, well-tended dairy farms, and breath-taking mountain vistas. The Catskill Forest Preserve includes 75,000 acres of State land to encourage all seeking outdoor adventure.
Our waterways include over 11,000 acres of reservoir and internationally renowned streams offer world class fishing that have been drawing anglers to Delaware County for years. The legendary waters of the Beaverkill and the Delaware provide incredible trout fishing and our reservoir system ensures premium fishing conditions all season long.
Our rivers, lakes and streams also provide plenty of opportunity for playing on the water including canoeing, kayaking and rafting.
Added to this are thousands of conservancy acres protecting the New York City watershed.
One of the area's many covered bridges
Prospecting for undiscovered gems
There's a wide range of eateries too!
Americana at it's very best
Not all the vehicles are horse-drawn
Hikers will find hundreds of miles of trails that range from the gentle 19 miles of Rails-To-Trails scenic hiking to rugged, demanding mountain climbing. There are hundreds of miles of Forever Wild land in the Catskill Forest Preserve that allow you to truly get away from it all.
Whether you enjoy golf, tennis, hiking, swimming or skiing; the high altitude creates purity, crispness and bracing fresh air that make outdoor activities so much healthier and enjoyable in a spectacular mountain setting.
Enjoy the sunrises, sunsets and the star studded Milky Way skies. Our mountains offer challenging downhill skiing, tubing, cross country skiing as well as snowmobiling, snowshoeing, Nordic skiing, or whatever kind of winter fun you are after. Hunters will find plenty of game in the hills of Delaware County including turkey, deer, pheasant, rabbit and bear. Hunting licenses are easy to obtain and there are hundreds of miles of public land that are accessible to all types of hunters.
Or just sit back on your deck and enjoy the peace and quiet.