To those who love the natural four seasons beauty of the Catskill Mountains we offer a unique portfolio of highly desirable properties that will allow you to build the country home you have imagined and when you are ready to do so.

The most important step in the eventual construction of your new Catskill Country Home is the selection of a perfect site.  Catskill Concepts offers a portfolio of building sites from which you can select the perfect spot for your new home.  To assure privacy, most of our properties range between 10 to 25 acres and allow for the greatest degree of woodland privacy and the true experience of owning a country retreat away from civilization.  All our sites have been selected for their pristine and natural beauty.  A tour of our site offerings is a wonderful experience that often leaves our customers with an appreciation for the quality of our properties and the thoughtfulness in their design and layout. Our easy installment financing allows you to buy unique properties now and plan for your future with assurance.